Your Annual Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Predictions 2014

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year of the horse
The 2014 Chinese horoscopes give you an excellent idea of how the coming year is going to turn out to be. Chinese astrology has since long been one of the most preferred forms of future predictions. Read on to know more about how 2014 will be for you in matters of love, family, relationships, career, health, wealth and education. Know the good and bad aspects of the coming year with free Chinese horoscope for each of the 12 animal signs.

Here are the general predictions for the Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2014.

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Rat Horoscope 2014

Rat Horoscope
Rat individuals will have to be ready to face remarkable changes in 2014. They have to be circumspect about health and finances. In matters of love, be wary of external interferences.
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Ox Horoscope 2014

Ox Horoscope
Year 2014 will pose unexpected problems for Ox persons. Financial situation will be dicey. On the home front, infuse more confidence in the partnership. Pay more attention to your health.
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Tiger Horoscope 2014

Tiger Horoscope
Tiger persons will have a highly auspicious 2014. Monetary health will be excellent. Lot of passion can be expected in love life. They will do well to keep a watch on health problems.
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Rabbit Horoscope 2014

Rabbit Horoscope
Rabbit individuals will face a frantic year without time for relaxation. Financially the year will not pose many problems. They may face some ripples in marital matters. Health problems should be nipped in the bud.
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Dragon Horoscope 2014

Dragon Horoscope
Dragon persons should be careful about their finances. Professionally they can expect a steady and boring period. Flexibility in marital matters is advisable.
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Snake Horoscope 2014

Snake Horoscope
Snake persons will have excellent physical fitness. On love front, changes can be expected. They should monitor their finances strictly.
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Horse Horoscope 2014

Horse Horoscope
Horse will have a highly romantic year in 2014. Extension to family can be expected. They will be busy with family functions. Financially the year will be highly profitable. Health problems should be attended to quickly.
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Goat Horoscope 2014

Sheep Horoscope
Sheep individuals will have a really exciting life in 2014 after a long time. Last quarter will be excellent for career and romance. They will be drawn towards religious activities. Health will be tricky.
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Monkey Horoscope 2014

Monkey Horoscope
Monkey persons should improve their skill set to be successful in their careers. They should invest more time to make their love life exciting. They should remain contented in money matters. Health will cause some minor concerns.
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Rooster Horoscope 2014

Rooster Horoscope
Rooster individuals will devote more time with charitable organizations. Year 2014 is profitable for investments and can expect very good returns. Finances will have to be regulated. Stress related health problems are likely.
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Dog Horoscope 2014

Dog Horoscope
Last part of the year is favorable for getting married for singles. Prospects are excellent for education and studies abroad. Love life will be problematic. They should be careful in spending money. Small accidents are likely.
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Pig Horoscope 2014

Pig Horoscope
Last quarter will see stress related to profession. They should be ready to face emotional challenges during the year 2014.
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