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General - 2014 For OX Chinese Zodiac

ox horoscope chinese zodiacThe 2014 Chinese horoscope predicts that the year 2014 is excellent for investments in property for people of the Ox zodiac sign. Professionals working for others will continue to be meticulous and hardworking. They will have to face challenges because of the overall slump in international business. But there is always hope and the business climate will definitely improve. Foreign travel on business will have to wait. Be friendly with your colleagues in spite of any provocation and concentrate on your job.


Unmarried Ox people will have many opportunities to romance this year but will have to wait for marriage to happen according to the 2014 Ox love predictions.

Married couples should eliminate any cause for unnecessary suspicion and resentment in the mind of their partners. They should be more devoted and committed to their love mates. There may be turbulence in married life during the last quarter of year 2014 Year of the Wood Horse because of entry of a third person in their marital lives.


The Chinese astrology forecasts 2014 for the Ox sign warns you to take steps to mitigate health problems caused by stress generated in work place. Relax enough to rejuvenate your energy. Be strict with your diet and exercise regimen. Avoid digestion problems and do not hesitate to seek professional help in case of serious disorders.


Finances will create some ripples in the year 2014. Best way to deal with them is to be judicious with your income and expenses. Investments in the share market should be regulated properly to avoid unexpected losses during the year. Any surplus amount can be put in long term securities to reap excellent benefits in future.

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