Pig Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For PIG Chinese Zodiac

pig horoscope chinese zodiac2014 Chinese zodiac predictions show that the year 2014 will be highly profitable for people in business. Third quarter of the year will be auspicious for launching new projects or for change of jobs. Their diligence and persistence will help them in accomplishing their objectives.

There will be cut-throat competition but Pigs will be victorious in the end according to their Chinese 2014 horoscope. Professionals can look forward for recognition and rewards in their work place. Pigs should remain grounded and balanced in their outlook in the Year of the Horse.


Single people will have a highly romantic year with several chances to flirt and will not be in a hurry into getting into any serious relationship or marriage according to 2014 love astrology forecasts.

Married people will live in a highly pleasant environment with their families and will be devoted and committed to their partners during the year. There will be occasions for family get-togethers during 2014.


Health forecasts for the Pig shows that these individuals are likely to face health problems related to their digestive systems and skin. Keeping away from foods which are spicy or fried will help them to avert liver disorders. Recourse to ancient herbal medicines will lessen the problems.


Pig persons should shun giving loans to other people in order to prevent financial losses. Investments in sound securities will be extremely profitable.

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