Rat Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For RAT Chinese Zodiac

rat HoroscopeThe year 2014 demands Chinese Rat zodiac people to take positive decisions and to act with determination. Expect the unexpected to happen throughout the year. Do not overexert yourself and be relaxed to deal with problems. Use your instinct and evaluate the situation calmly before taking firm action. Preparedness will solve more than half of your challenges.

If you are working, be prepared to face quite a few tough situations. The 2014 Rat horoscope predicts change of career. Foreign travel may be expected during the middle of the year.

For the unemployed, beginning of the year is favorable for getting jobs. You can also improve your skills by higher education.


Single people have to be patient this year and can look for better opportunities in future, according to the 2014 Chinese horoscope. Married couples should devote more time to be together and nourish their relationship in spite of the pressing demands at work place. Eliminate external influences that may create problems for the marriage.


Best way to eliminate any serious problems to your health is proper diet and regular exercise to keep fit. Face problems with a cool and calm mind and keep your emotional balance. Take steps to improve your fitness and endurance to prolong your life in the Year of the Green Wood Horse.


People in business or dealing with finances should be ready to face tough situations, tells the Chinese 2014 forecasts. You have to keep a strict watch on your personal spending as well as expenses by the family members. Be tight fisted in loaning money to others.

Take the advice given in this Chinese astrology predictions for the Rat seriously and have a wonderful 2014!

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