Rashifal 2014

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Horoscope Predictions For The 12 Rashi


Mesh Rashifal 2014

Mesha Rashi is the first sign of the zodiac. In 2014, you will put your best efforts to reach your goals. Love predictions forecast problems in relationships. Career will be hectic but the output will please you. Business people might face some problems. Finances will be excellent in the coming year. 2014 Mesha Rashifal predicts that relations with family might be strained. Health will be average.


Vrishabh Rashifal 2014

2014 will be a good year for Vrishabha Rasi people. New relationships will blossom while old ones might go through some turmoil. Change will be seen in all aspects of your life. You will spend a lot of time with your parents and children. Health might be affected in the later part of the year. Progress in career is predicted in your Bhavishya Rashi. You will plan your finances for the future.


Mithun Rashifal 2014

2014 Rashiphal predicts that this is an excellent year for Mithuna natives. Success will be yours in both personal and professional life. New opportunities will come knocking on your door in love, career and business. Health will be good other than some minor ailments. Relationships will need some work from your side. Financial stability will increase according to your money horoscope.


Kark Rashifal 2014

Financial predictions indicate a rise in income for the Kark Rasi people. Career will be excellent but this might lead to ill-health due to stress and strain. Do not let go of new openings that might come your way. You might also plan of relocation to a new place. Some stomach related issues may trouble you. Travel is also on the cards. Singles might try hard this year to find their soul mate.


Simha Rashifal 2014

2014 will be a year of hard work for the Simha Rasi natives. You will be successful in all your pursuits, but this also requires a lot of hard work. Love relationships will work out only with a lot of understanding and patience. Stress related health issues might crop up. Simha Rashifal 2014 forecasts growth on career and job front.


Kanya Rashifal 2014

Kanya Rasi people will have a wonderful 2014. Work will be satisfying and fruitful. Finances might need to be kept under control. Your investments will pay off. Health needs to be taken care of but there is nothing to worry about. Your love life will be good only if you keep your emotions under wrap. A positive attitude will be the key to your success.


Tula Rashifal 2014

Tula Rashiphal 2014 foretells that this is a year of changes for you. Professional life will be good with some minor problems. Finances will be stable. Health will be good overall. Stress needs to be controlled according to your 2014 astrology predictions. Do not get involved in new love relationships.


Vrischika Rashifal 2014

Vrischika Rasi horoscopes for 2014 predict an enhanced year with progress in love, career, finance and health. You can expect some health issues and money problems but all this can be solved with proper planning and caution. Be aware of people who might backbite you. Love relationships will be the highlight of this year.


Dhanus Rashifal 2014

Dhanus Rasi people will have a productive 2014. There might be small disagreements and misunderstandings but this can be solved with good communication. Health will be favorable. Expenses need to be curtailed. Keep a lookout for new job opportunities in both career and business. Love and romance will be encouraging.


Makara Rashifal 2014

2014 Bhavishya Rashi predicts that the Makar Rashi people will make excellent progress in career and business. Some health problems might arise. You will make new friends and travel a lot this year. Income and expenses will be balanced. You might meet your partner in the most unexpected circumstances. Married life will be peaceful. You will be active and enthusiastic throughout the year.


Kumbh Rashifal 2014

Kumbha Rashifal 2014 forecasts a favorable year. Fame, success and prosperity will bless you this year. You can expect a lot of travelling for both work and pleasure. Money and finance will be good in terms of income as well as investments. Victory will be yours in ever thing that you pursue. Relationships might have some ups and downs.


Meen Rashifal 2014

2014 horoscopes for the Meena Rashi predict a positive year on the professional front. You will make a lot of money. Career and business will grow leaps and bounds. But personal relationships might suffer if you don’t make some extra effort. Love life will be affected by your unconventional nature which might be misunderstood as indifference. Health problems can be overcome by meditation and alternative healing therapies.