Dragon Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon horoscope chinese zodiacThe 2014 Chinese zodiac predictions for the Dragon people warns them that they should be ready to accept different points of view and come to a common conclusion whenever there are difficulties. This will ensure a favorable result in their endeavors.

They should be ready to face challenges on the career front because of external influences. There is no need for getting depressed if their projects encounter unexpected problems and slow down considerably.

People in sports field will have excellent chances to shine. Opportunities for domestic travel can be expected.


The 2014 love horoscope forecasts that the single Dragons should be more prudent while jumping into relationships. Probably family members will be able to guide them well with their sound advice.

For married people, lot of effort will be necessary to keep their relationship moving. They will have to listen to their partners if they want their relationships to survive in the Year of the Horse.


As the year poses problems on the career and family fronts, stress will be enormous. This will induce ailments which will affect the physical fitness of Dragon people. Allergies, sleepless nights and headaches will be common. Dragons should concentrate on maintaining their health with balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient relaxation according to their health astrology predictions.


Dragons are advised to be extremely careful in spending money during 2014. Investments in stock market can be dangerous. They should save money for the future when possible and should not put money in unknown ventures. It will be prudent to clear old loans and concentrate on balancing the present income and expenditure. Any attempt to make extra money may not be productive for people of the Dragon animal sign in 2014.

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