Numerology Horoscope Predictions For 2014

2014 Numerology Predictions

Numerology predictions for 2014 show the changes you will face in the coming year and how you will perceive them. It is your personal number that will predict what you should expect. A 2014 numerology horoscope provides a free future prediction for all personal numbers from 1 to 9, 11 and 22. It may be a tautology but the world is as the seer sees it. For most these changes will start in mid-December 2013 occasionally earlier and will strengthen at the turning of the New Year, being in full force by February. The 2014 numeroscopes for the different numbers provide you with an excellent overview of the coming year.

The shape of the world feels different. Your potential may be turning in a new direction. This occurs as your personal number changes. How do you determine your personal number: suppose you had said date of birth is June 8 and you are looking for predictions for 2014. Therefore you would use this number string to determine your personal year number: 6+8+2+0+1+4 = 21. Then take the two digits of 21 and total them together obtaining 3 therefore the personal number for a June 6 birthday during 2014 is 3.

Read on to get free numerology horoscope forecasts for 2014 for all the major numbers.

Personal Year Number 1


In this year you will want to assert your individuality moving forward and getting on with life. If you are reaching for opportunities they will come to you. Put your best foot forward. A new activity will spark your thinking to look forward. The theme for 2014 for the Number 1 people seems to be making a new start and finding a fresh beginning.

You will need to make many choices during this time period. The experience of the following nine years will actually be dependent on what you choose to do or choose not to do in 2014. You need to hear what your instincts are telling you and exercise deliberation and thought.

Personal Year Number 2

2014 Numeroscope

It will be important for Number 2 people to keep relationships tranquil. Your successes and this outcome will be found through cooperation diplomacy and taking care of good relationships. This may be a time more for sharing rather than seeking personal gain. It is a good time to listen to your instincts as they are amplified during this year.

Because the year is so busy it will be to your advantage to work for what is paying rather than trying to do everything possible. There may be delays in your projects and plans. This is not a matter for great concern as things are meant to move more slowly this year. 2014 may cause you to strengthen friendships and gain peace of mind.

Personal Year Number 3

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If there was ever a time to express your emotional thoughts, your artistic abilities and your vivid imagination, then this is the right time for the Number 3 people. This will be a very good social year for you to entertain and be entertained.

Do take the time to relax and enjoy. You will add beautiful layers to life around you. Your expressions will be joyful. Your inspirations and imagination will make this your year. Opportunity and desire will cause you to grow in 2014. This year contains lot of pleasure, opportunities to travel, socializing and some colorful entertainment. Allow the joy that fills your heart to guide you.

Personal Year Number 4

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Look sharp! Dreaming, indulgence, carelessness do not fit the practical nature of the Number 4 person in 2014. A strong foundation must be built for your future to be successful. Your work will need to have a steady pace. The details will flow right for any long-term project you have been considering. A word of caution: check details when it comes to any new deal.

The work you put in this year will be rewarded with an equal measure both now and in the future. Your good judgment and hard work will meet all your needs. Most of the social events you will experience this year will be related to your work life. With the need to be extremely practical this year check on your health.

Personal Year Number 5


Whatever rut you are in, this is the time to climb out of it. Change from your ordinary routine as new opportunities are located. Some changes in your life may be very sudden. New people, new thoughts, new business associates, change in clients and a freer lifestyle will be common for the Number 5 people in 2014. Also your field of interest and the things that you do for pleasure will probably increase. 2014 is easier to initiate new things. There will be very little you want to do that is not easy.

Travel may become more available to you. Take the trouble to learn something new in this atmosphere. This year is excellent for beginning new studies. There will be additional vitamin C and color to your doings this year. It is a time to take advantage of thrill and excitement of the changes taking place in your life, to create new ways in which a true genius can be used. Both children and older folks will provide you inspiration. Should you be a business owner you may completely redesign the angle from which your business approaches the world and do additional advertising this year.

Personal Year Number 6

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This year, 2014 will be a year of responsibilities for the Number 6 people. There will be heavy demands on you this year and many people genuinely need you. You will find this worthwhile because you are filled with good wishes toward others and there will be harmony in your life. Honesty is as important as our treating all equally and with justice. But this is the year when you need to be unselfish with your time and energy.

Do watch your health as it gives you the ability to be helpful to others when needed. Take time to rest. As you do things during 2014 be aware of what you are doing and be sure it is done completely. In 2014 you will find that marriage and home life are good things and the traditional family activities work well for you. It is a time when you may want to build the next.

Personal Year Number 7

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2014 is a time for you to review your own being. You will take time to analyze who you are and what you are doing. You are considering what life is about and how you are affected by beauty, love and the attempt to attain perfection. The Number 7 people may spend a good deal of time alone becoming accustomed to their new inner power.

You are learning about your own emotional and spiritual side. Do the things that allow you to see life from a different angle such as travel, read, study. Find a way to express your creative energies. If there is any psychic ability in you, it is a good time to pursue those interests. Your touchstone in this year is quality.

Personal Year Number 8

Numerology Horoscope 2014

In 2014, Number 8 people will achieve in all aspects of career be it promotions or accumulation of possessions. It is to reap what you have sown. You will see to improve your financial situation. You will need to exercise practicality throughout the year. Take advantage of the many opportunities that will be available to you.

To reach your objectives, a businesslike tone is needed as well as constant effort. How you see the world, your abilities, education skills and self-confidence will allow you both success and financial advancement. 2014 is the year in which you will act. Be authoritative and confident when placing your special skills in the open marketplace.

Personal Year Number 9

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This year Number 9 people may attain some of your dreams. Let go of the old and the unnecessary to make way for new things that will benefit you. Anything that has been dragging behind will be finished this year but it may not be the best time to start a new project, simply allow the old ones to complete. Your thoughtfulness and forgiveness will make this an extremely special year in your life.

Open your mind to wider interests and new activities that seem more fitting to this year. Look at areas that may be more universal rather than personal. You will be very attentive to love affairs possibly even one of your own. You will find yourself enjoying music and the arts. Giving your love to many and being tolerant of all is in your nature. Should you feel the desire to do good work, please do as your keynote this year is service of mankind.

Personal Year Number 11

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That your associations run smoothly, is essential in 2014 for the Number 11 people. You will obtain your best results in 2014 through cooperation. Maintain relationships and some diplomacy. You will also need to take a good look at yourself. It is the year when you will need to share rather than pursue only your own interests. Your intuition is at full alert this year.

Work with others, do not try to do everything on your own in such a busy year. You may see delays in some of your plans. Things are moving slowly this year. Strengthen your friendships. Psychic awareness and heightened religious mood may influence you. Your personal ideals will shine through to others.

Personal Year Number 22

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Coming Soon!

These 2014 numerology forecasts are very accurate and can help you plan the coming year in advance.