Dog Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For DOG Chinese Zodiac

dog horoscopeOn the career front Year 2014 promises to be an excellent year. Chinese Dog people can search for new jobs and they will succeed in getting better status and rewards. Their zeal and diligence will be recognized in the new positions. It is time for them to be more positive in their approach in the new assignment leaving behind their depression.


Single people will fail to understand what is happening in their romantic lives and will have problems in getting into right relationships predicts the 2014 Chinese horoscope for the Dog zodiac sign.

Married couples will have difficulties in being in harmony with their love mates. They should give enough freedom to their partners and refrain from forcing their views on their partners. End of 2014 will offer opportunities for pleasure trips for couples in relationships.


To maintain good physical fitness, Dog people should resort to regular work-outs and stay away from all bad habits. Minor mishaps are possible and sufficient care should be taken to prevent them, forecasts the Chinese astrology 2014 for the Dog.


Strict financial management is required for Dog individuals to stay afloat monetarily, according to the financial predictions for the Year of the Green Wood Horse. All expenses on loved ones should be cut down and any borrowing of money will have to be postponed. Dog people should curb their tendency to get into more and more financial obligations and must enforce stringent monetary discipline.

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