Rooster Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For ROOSTER Chinese Zodiac

Rooster horoscopeRoosters should approach year 2014 with an optimistic outlook and will have to take prompt decisions without delay. They should accept things as they happen and should not waste their precious time brooding over the past.

In work place, many fresh prospects will come up which require correct assessment in 2104 year of the Wood Horse. They may face relocation in their jobs and change of environment.

Middle of the year is favorable for Roosters interested in studying overseas predicts the 2014 Rooster Chinese Horoscope.


Single Roosters will get lot of opportunities to get into new and long relationships. Marriage is unlikely during the year.

Married couples should avoid minor disagreements and strive towards maintaining pleasant atmosphere in the family. Any plans to have children should be postponed for the present according to the Chinese zodiac forecasts for 2014.


Year 2014 health predictions for the Rooster astrology sign promise satisfactory health throughout the year. Any problems which may arise will be due to stress and irregular eating regime. This may result in problems with digestive system..


Roosters should curb their liberal attitude towards spending and also avoid taking loans to make both ends meet. Proper financial planning is required to meet any unexpected situations as previous investments may not yield the expected returns.

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