Monkey Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For MONKEY Chinese Zodiac

Monkey horoscope chinese zodiacOverall 2014 Year of the Horse will have different destinies for Monkey individuals. Monkey zodiac people will have a tendency to go for quick money making schemes which will not work out. They are easily affected by false gossip about insecurity to their jobs and about their professional future. It is advisable that they should concentrate on being meticulous and hard work. Benefits will follow automatically.


The 2014 Chinese horoscope predicts that single Monkeys will have plenty of opportunities for romancing and flirting, though the chances of finding a true love mate are unlikely during 2014. They should not seek perfection in the relationships and should accept people as they are in order to get a suitable companion.

Married Monkeys will have a pleasant year and make efforts to improve the status of their families, predicts the Monkey Horoscope for 2014.


Health problems because of lethargy are possible. Dependence on too much medicine will create problems. Lower parts of the body are likely to get infected.


Year 2014 is the year of consolidation of finances forecast finance astrology predictions. Monkeys should make efforts to save as much money as possible. All dangerous ventures should be avoided and unnecessary expenses should be curtailed. They should not try to invest money during the year as situation is not favorable. Monkeys should remain sensible on monetary matters and should not look for the moon.

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