Goat Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For GOAT Chinese Zodiac

goat horoscope Chinese Goat people can expect a highly favorable 2014. They will be able to achieve their objectives at work place without any difficulty. This will bring recognition from the management with sufficient rewards.

Relationship with colleagues and superiors will be very cordial. Many new windows for success will open during the year. People following educational aspirations will accomplish their goals in flying colors, predicts the 2014 Chinese horoscope for the Goat / Sheep zodiac sign.


The 2014 Sheep love predictions says that married couples should work towards maintaining good relations by avoiding disagreements and resorting to minor adjustments. They should suppress their egos for a happy matrimonial life.

Romance and passion are in the air for single Goat persons. It is advisable that they should not rush into new friendships with the opposite sex. They should allow the relationship to develop and bloom slowly and naturally.


2014 health astrology forecasts problems that may be expected due to burns and physical injuries. Upper portion of the body including spine may be subjected to fitness setbacks. Professional help should be sought without delay in case of difficulties to physical strength.


The Chinese zodiac horoscope 2014 for the Goat foretells that new investments during the year will yield very good returns in the coming years. Goat persons can expect receipt of money in abundance during the Year of the Wood Horse. They will splurge lot of their income on their families. Any amount spent on spurious schemes which promise high returns will result in financial pain.

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