Horse Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For HORSE Chinese Zodiac

Horse Horoscope chinese zodiacChinese zodiac Horse people will have an excellent year 2014. They may take up charitable engagements during the Year of the Green Wood Horse including blood donations. They should not hesitate to shoulder more responsibilities at the work place. Lot of growth and achievements in the job can be expected. All their expertise can be made use of for getting better results.

They should withstand pressure of work patiently and be prepared to get along with their colleagues. A touch of humility will help them to enjoy their successes and rewards. People interested in civil service will see their aspirations getting fulfilled during the year.


Horse people should avoid spending too much on their romantic expeditions warns the 2014 Chinese horoscope. They have a tendency to be drawn towards relationships too quickly which may result in break ups very often. They will do well to exercise prudence in matters of romance. End of year 2014 may see occasions for enjoyment with family members.


Horse individuals are prone to accidents during 2014 and they should be cautious enough to avoid them. They may also have health problems with their teeth, lungs and chest. Enough care should be taken to prevent them from becoming serious warns the 2014 Chinese astrology health forecasts.


Businessman will have a highly profitable year. Monetary growth will zoom during the year with very high returns from existing ventures. Horse persons will enter into new business ventures which will be highly beneficial in future years. The brain power combined with self confidence and horse sense will be the force behind the financial success of Horse businessmen.

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