Rabbit Horoscope 2014

General - 2014 For RABBIT Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit chinese horoscope zodiac2014 will be highly challenging for Chinese Rabbit zodiac people. Professionally they should be ready to accept alterations to their way of working. Any opposition to these changes may hinder their career in future. Management may force new stipulations on Rabbit employees. They may find it very difficult to find a sense of balance in finding time for themselves as well as for family and friends. Chances of job hopping in the middle of the year are indicated.


Chinese astrology 2014 forecasts uncertain times for both married couples and single persons. Unmarried persons should enjoy their freedom as bachelors and the year does not offer many chances of romantic relationships. Married people will face lot of turbulence in their family life.


2014 Year of the wood horse will not be awkward on the monetary front according to the 2014 Chinese zodiac predictions. Rabbit people may have to spend money on traveling from the surplus they accumulate during the year. They should be prudent while getting into financial contracts and rely upon their instinct. There will be enough money for relaxation and entertainment during the year. Investment in property will yield good returns.


2014 health horoscope predictions for the Rabbit animal sign asks them to take care of their health amidst stress and tiresome schedules. Family may be a source of worry which may affect their health. They should seek professional help whenever required. Problems relating to chest and sense organs are expected.

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