Your Annual Love, Romance and Sex Horoscope Predictions 2014

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Wouldn't you want to know what 2014 has for you in terms of love and romance? The 2014 love horoscopes primarily look at your intimate relationships and friendships, family relationships and those with colleagues.

The result is an interesting astrology forecast for 2014 on how these aspects of your lives will play out. Is your love well placed? Is your beloved loyal? Get firsthand horoscope predictions about your love, romance, sex and compatibility in relationships in 2014.


aries love

2014 will not be entirely smooth year in matters of the heart. But it is an opportunity for those born in Aries to show people they love and friends exactly who they are. Continue Reading...


taurus love

This appears to be a very quiet year for the Taureans in terms of love and friendships. Just remember to be a little bit cautious because when things are very quiet is when we sometimes get ourselves into trouble. Continue Reading...


gemini love

With Venus is in your house of partnerships and marriage at the beginning of the year; things start out well with friends and lovers. But to the close of the year there could be sudden conflicts that could possibly end relationships. Continue Reading...


cancer love

The Cancer love horoscope 2014 predicts that throughout 2014 Cancer zodiac people may find that their love life is becoming stronger and family relationships are getting better. Continue Reading...


leo love 2014

2014 will begin in flashes of fire for the Leo sun sign. Mars and Mercury or both in retrograde and there will be no ability to complain of dullness in your life. Indeed you will fight with friends business partners Continue Reading...


Virgo Horoscope

Virgo natives need to be careful because of some risks regarding your relationship with your soul mate. In 2014 Uranus is in your house of marriage and this represents change, be it positive or negative. Continue Reading...


libra Horoscope

Marriage and love relationships will go smoothly this year for the Libra zodiac sign. Mars in your fifth house will bring out your vigor, devotion and your lust for your partner. Saturn in your 11th house from January to September 2014 makes the connection with your friends difficult. Continue Reading...


scorpio love 2014

Scorpions need to carefully reconsider the friends and company they keep especially in matters of trust. You may still trust your friends whom you give confidential information. If you do not take care you may find yourself hurt by those you care about. Continue Reading...


sagittarius horoscope

Venus in your fifth house will bring you warmth from your life partner. For those who are single you may very well meet love in 2014 according to love horoscopes 2014 for the Sagittarius sun sign. During 2014, the astrological house of family will be overseen by Uranus. Expect change. Continue Reading...


capricorn horoscope

The 2014 Capricorn love forecast predicts that those who are single will find their life partner. For those who already have their soul mate, it will be a time for passion and sweet romance. While your loyalty to your partner will be unquestioned you will also see more freedom. In March, Venus will dominate your love life. Continue Reading...


aquarius Horoscope

From January through September 2014 Aquarians may consider taking the next step in a love relationship. For some you may find that you are ready for marriage. For others there is still a need to wait out the first third of the year till you find someone with whom you can form a strong relationship. Continue Reading...


pisces love 2014

The 2014 Pisces love predictions forecast that if you are in a relationship, it will be a time for great tenderness. If you are still single you may meet your partner in May. Should you be seeking to have children this is a good time for conception and relationships with existing children will be very good. Continue Reading...