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Personal year number is a significant number in numerology, which reveals many aspects of your nature, personality and future circumstances in the year ahead. Numerology calculations to determine this number takes into account your date of birth. If you want to know your personal year number, and learn how it influences your life and personality, you need to get a personal year number analysis.

Let us now explain how personal year number of an individual is calculated. Add the digits in the day of your date of birth to a single digit number. Do the same for the month as well as year. Then add the 3 single digit number till the result in a single digit number. The answer derived is your personal year number.

If your date of birth is 29/10/83 your personal year number is (2+9) + (1+0) + (8+3) -> 11 + 1 + 11 -> 2 + 1+ 2 -> 5

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