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Minor heart desire number is a very significant numerology number. A numerological analysis of your minor heart desire number can reveal the core desires of your heart. Thus it also reveals certain aspects of your personality. What is pertinent about this numerology number is that it can make you consciously aware of what you want to do and be in your life.

Minor heart desire number is calculated on the basis of your name – the first and the last name. Middle names are ignored while calculating heart’s desire number. Each of the letters in your name has numerical value associated with it. The numbers associated with only the vowels in your name are to be added up to a single digit number. The result is your minor heart desire number.

If you name has ‘y’ in it, calculations should be done carefully. You have to be sure if it is a vowel or a consonant in your name. If it serves the purpose of producing vowel sound all alone, regard it as a vowel. Otherwise it should be ignored.

If you want to know your minor heart desire number, and learn what it stands for, you can try a numerology reading. If you want to get a free analysis of your minor heart desire number, you can get it here. You just have to enter your name in the given space. You are then just a single click away from your minor heart desire number based numerology profile.

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