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Personal month number is considered to be a very important aspect in the study of numerology. This numerology number is determined on the basis of the date of birth of a native as well as the current month and year. The significance of personal month number is that it gives a forecast for a particular month. The luck influence factors related to personal month number is determined based on the fact that each number has a particular type of luck vibrations attached to it.

Personal month numbers keep changing every month. So the numerical influences on you also keep changing. Let us explain how personal month number is calculated. Suppose, you want to know your personal month number for the month of December, 2010 it is given that your date of birth is November 2, 1988. Calculation of your personal month number would include your day of birth, month of birth, current month and current year. These numbers have to be added till you get a one digit result. (2 + 11 + 12 + 10 -> 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 -> 8) The result (8, in this case) is your personal month number, which has certain personality traits and characteristic features linked with it.

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