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Destiny number reveals a lot of things about you such as your goal in life, the direction you are going to take in life and it conveys all the talents, competencies and limitations you have. Destiny-number is calculated by adding all the numbers of your full name at birth. Destiny number reading is beneficial for you because it lets you know who you are going to become in life and what kind of resources you have at hand; a reading through which you can learn how you live your life efficiently.

Numerology is a vast field of study. There are several layers relating to your personality that are to be explored through numbers in the study of numerology. The chart is extremely easy to compose and comprehend. The result will offer you insights. The destiny number reveals the tasks you need to finish before you die; your ultimate purpose. Many parents visit numerologists to get their expecting child’s destiny number reading so that they can be prepared to ensure the child a good life.

Destiny-number numerology unravels many a thing other than just the destiny such as: most suitable occupations, important events, your attitude etc. Remember, nick names or married names cannot be used in the destiny number calculation. Here’s an example of someone with a destiny number 1: the person will have an inborn talent of leadership. An inventor, the person will shine in the world of business, they will be unparallel and their determination will grow stronger as they age. Financial success is bound to come to them.

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