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Cornerstone number is a very important number in numerology. Corner stone number is the numerological number that is associated with the initial letter of your name. This first letter of your name (the name you usually go by) is your Cornerstone Letter. Both cornerstone number and cornerstone letter are similarly significant since both of them reveal a great deal about the nature, character and personality traits of a person.

The significance of cornerstone number is that it reveals, when interpreted, your views on the material as well as the spiritual aspects of life. In fact, the cornerstone letter of an individual, i.e. the initial letter in his/her name has a lot to do with regard to the determination of the characteristic features of an individual. What the cornerstone letter and the cornerstone number influence most, is the attitude of an individual towards life.

Each individual is different from the other, at least, so far as the attitude towards life and the world is concerned. Cornerstone numerology tells you if you are prone to change your attitude too often or you have a very strong and methodical mind with attitudes of strength and resolve.

You might want to know what your attitude towards life is, how you consider the situations as you come through them, and also how you feel about the achievements as well as failures in life. In that case you have to know your cornerstone letter and cornerstone number and get a cornerstone numerology interpretation or cornerstone letter analysis.

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