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Get A Free Tasseography or Tea Leaf Reading right now! Reading tea leaves is a very popular method of divination (which was even show cased in the popular Harry Potter books and movies). Tea Leaf Reading symbols can predict the future of a person and his fortunes. Many a times, tea leaf reading also point to a person’s full life. There are large numbers of specific images which point to certain important issues in a person’s life.

Tea Leaf Reading is considered to be one of the most accurate and intuitive forms of divination. This originated nearly over five thousand years ago. Understanding the hidden symbols and thier meaning helps in predicting the future.

Find a quiet and peaceful environment for the purpose of tea leaf reading. Tea Leaf Reading depends on psychic ability to understand the meaning of the different symbols created by the loose tea leaves in the tea cup. Though this tool does most of the work for you, we recommend that you concentrate on your question. This enables you to interpret the symbols reflected by the different patterns left by tea leaves and this will enable your inner psychic self to find the answers. You can also try the Yes No Oracle or Gong Hee Fot Choy, which are both just as accurate.

Tea Leaf Reading is an ancient form of divination which originated in Asia, the ancient Greece and also in the Middle East and was for the first time introduced by the Gypsies. The term – Tasseography has been derived from the French term ‘Tasseo’ which means cup and the Greek words graph, "logy" and "mancy" which means divination. Over a period of time tea leaves reading has come to be known by several names such as, Tassology, Tasseomancy and Tasseography

Get an accurate interpretation of symbols of your Tea Leaf Reading along with the its meanings.

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