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Medicine Wheels are Native American sacred circular hoops which were used for religious rituals. This form of divination has been found to be very accurate and effective. The current Medicine Wheel is based on this theory.

Medicine wheels are usually numbered stones kept in the form of a circle. They are used in Native American spiritual healing rituals. Each stone has its own significance and can help in solving your problems. The medicine wheels are also known as sacred hoops. The different elements of the medicine wheel are named as follows:

1. Creator
This indicates the Centre of Life.

2. Earth Mother
This sign is responsible for our family and children. Domestic should be your priority. This is a sign for growth, abundance and warmth.

3. Father Sun
This is the source of energy and life. It shows you new ways to deal with problems. Let the light shine and light up your path. This is a sign for spirituality and meditation.

4. Grandmother Moon
Pay attention to your dreams and intuition. You may find a way to solve your problems in them. Purity in thoughts and spirit is the key to being happy.

5. Turtle Clan
This stands for practicality and understanding. You must be prepared to bear a lot of problems. Good time for growth and rejuvenation. This stands for the element earth.

6. Frog Clan
The Frog stands for cleansing and removing all bad thoughts and memories. Start life afresh. This stands for element water.

7. Thunderbird Clan
This stands for a lot of energy and power. You will have the will to fight against all odds. This stands for the element fire. Be sure of your leadership qualities. But be careful not to get into trouble.

8. Butterfly Clan
This is the time for changes and the start of a new life. This sign stands for the element air. Be gentle in your dealings. Have faith in yourself.

9. The North
This is the time to take rest and think about the decisions you have made in your life and realize your mistakes. This is good time to heal the wounds that have been caused and become balanced. Be prepared to face the future with courage and intelligence.

10. The East
This is the sign of a new beginning, new day, good news. You may be full of new ideas and this is a good time to start new ventures. This is the right time to take action on the thoughts that have been on your mind.

11. The South
This is the symbol of growth. You have to mature and make important decisions. This is also a good time for fertility and child-bearing.

12. The West
This is the time for awareness and change. Have the courage to face the problems in life. Learn to be receptive to change. A lot of hard work and effort is needed for success. Spend time with your family.

13. Snow Goose
This is the time to set your direction for leading a quality life.

14. Otter
Your female part of your energy is balanced now and will help you work better.

15. Cougar
You will be given positions of leadership. Fulfill them to the best of your abilities.

16. Red Hawk
Be very observant of your surroundings. Keep a keen lookout for unforeseen happenings and be prepared to act accordingly.

17. Beaver
You have the ability to create anything from scratch. Try to bring harmony and peace to those around you.

18. Deer
You can be strong and yet gentle at the same time. Use these qualities to your advantage. Your purity of thoughts will be your strong point.

19. Flicker
Enjoy some music and relax. You will automatically find a solution to your problems.

20. Sturgeon
You will be in a phase of motion moving from one issue to the other. You will have to learn to swim against all kinds of tides.

21. Brown Bear
Truth isnít bitter but can be sweet at times. Experience it first hand. Have patience. You will have to endure a lot to attain success.

22. Raven
This is sign is Keeper of the Sacred Law.

23. Snake
This is sign of creation. Time to transform and make a new life.

24. Elk
You have great stamina. Do not give up. Try to go the whole way.

25. Cleansing
Purify your thoughts. That is the only solution to your problem.

26. Renewal
If you have been thinking of making a new beginning, this is a good time to make a fresh start. Wait no more and go ahead.

27. Purity
You are above suspicion. Your mind is as clean as it can ever be without any harmful thoughts for anyone.

28. Clarity
Your mind is thinking very clearly. Take a deep breath and think wisely to make the right decisions.

29. Wisdom
This stands for wisdom and knowledge. You can solve all problems with your intelligence. Use your foresight to make the right decisions.

30. Illumination
Now is your turn to enlighten people. Help them in their difficulties and all your problems will be solved.

31. Growth
This is the time to understand the situation, change yourself for the better and move forward.

32. Trust
You will develop confidence in yourself. People will look upto you for your uprightness and have total faith in your actions.

33. Love
You will always feel the need to be appreciated or loved.

34. Experience
This stands for wisdom and comprehension. You understand things better which will help you make better decisions.

35. Introspection
This is the time for contemplation. Think about the decisions you have made and whether they are right or wrong.

36. Strength
You will enjoy a strong and powerful mind. Make full use of it reach important pending decisions.

Each stone has its own wisdom to offer. If we follow the medicine wheel as our guide, we will be able to solve all our problems and live a happy life.

The Medicine Wheel reading consists of the following numbers:
Number for Need of the Day
Problem Number of the Day
Solution Number

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