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Podomancy is a divination tool based on the shape and looks of a personís feet and the personality characteristics they reveal. The toes of our feet can tell us more about ourselves and the problems that we may be about to face in life.

Podomancy is a popular form of divination that is said to have originated in China. It is also known as Pedomancy or Solistry. It is said that a personís feet represent his soul. The shape and lines of our feet can be interpreted to divulge more about our nature and helps us remove all forms of negativity from within us.

Different shapes and features of our toes mean different things. This program is based upon the following features: Toe Appearance, Inclination of Toes, Big Toe, Second Toe, Foot Arches, Toe Shape, Color of Nails & Ridges on Toe Nails.

Podomancy is designed to reveal your personality traits and also warn you of happenings in the future.

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