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Cyclomancy is a form of divination, based on solving problems with the help of a "Number Wheel".

The Number wheel is also used as tool for divination, known as Cyclomancy Wheel. The word comes form the Latin word ‘Cyclomantia’. This consists of a revolving wheel divided into ten equal parts with a pointer attached to the wheel. Ask your question, And Rotate the wheel. The wheel comes to stop at a particular number. Each number has its own significance and will act as a guideline in solving your problem.

Various Divination methods have been used for many centuries for fortune telling and getting spiritual guidance. People have looked up to these types of tools to find solutions and answers to their questions.

Cyclomancy helps you in your quest to attain a solution to your problems by predicting what lies ahead of you in 2023. Using this tool you can attain peace and re-energize yourself. This is a completely free app. It takes less than minute to get an answer.

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