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2016-2017 Geomancy Calculator reveals your personal geomantic figures and name. Geomancy readings, lets you know the significance the figure and name. This report provides details about some factors in your nature, personality and general life, which are associated with you.

Geomancy reading online have been found to have the ability to give you an insight into the situations around you. You can also know if there is a chance to win a fortune or the possibility of oncoming difficulties.

The concept of this geomancy calculator is based on creating the geomantic figures and interpreting them to find out different aspects of your personal and professional life, including but not limited to your nature, character, basic tendencies, etc. You can also get details about astrological element, and also the body parts associated with your geomantic name.

If you want to know your geomantic name and the significance of it, you can get it right here. All you need to do is to follow the instructions as given in the script below.

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