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Bibliomancy (also known as Libromancy or Stichomancy). Bibliomancy is a divination tool that generates a phrase from different religions. This can act as a guide to help you make decisions in life.

Bibliomancy refers to the use of books in divination. The books used are usually the Holy scared books if the different religions. Some people mistakenly refer to bibliomancy as “Bible Divination”. But this may necessarily not be the case. They can help guide you achieve your goals and show you the path to success. This tool aims to help you do the same. This program uses quotes from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and I Ching to help people solve their problems.

Bibliomancy can help you answer life's most pressing questions with elegance and ease. Some of the questions people often ask the holy books are

Will I have a good life?
Does he love me?
When will I get married?
Does he/she like me?
What is the meaning of life?
Will I lose weight?
Do I really have a soul mate?
Will I have baby?
Will I get a good job?
Will I be rich?
and many things besides... go ahead and ask your own question.

Consulting the Bibliomancy about life problems, has never before been this easy. All you have to do is to enter your problems and choose the religious text from which you would like to view the result and get instant answers. This script gives a phrase from the chosen text which can help you find a solution to your worries.

Consult the Holy Books spanning arcoss different cultures to gain insight into your life and yourself. Get life answers with Bibliomancy right now - FREE to use!

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