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Cartomancy, the art of paying cards for the purpose of fortune telling, has been practiced since the eighteenth century. Like Tarot, a Cartomancy reading also involves many spreads. A Cartomancy reading too is interpreted in a similar way like Tarot card reading. It not only helps one know what the future has in store for him but also improves the intuitive skills of the reader.

Hello beatriz, date of birth entered by you is August 22, 1968 and you chose Single Card Lay based on which your Cartomancy Reading is as below.



Spread Name: Single Card Lay
As the name implies, this typical layout involves a single card. Draw a card each day as per your preference. This card can be drawn either at the beginning or at the end the day. Maintain a journal, write down the card which you have drawn and then narrate how the events for that day affected you. You will find that over time when this card shows up, the power of feelings and events will automatically be reflected in your mind. This is an excellent way of learning the cards.
Position: 1

Card Name: Knight of Clubs
Keywords: Courageous, heroic, enthusiastic, flexible and dynamic.
Time Period: 11th week of the spring season.
Description: The Knight of Clubs represents a bosom friend. It denotes someone who is free and frank with everybody around him/her. You exchange your ideas, concepts and conversations with others. The card indicates that you are very supportive and helpful by nature; a person who is always craving to achieve his/her goals and ambitions. You are indeed heroic, adventurous, energetic as well as enthusiastic. You owe a fiery disposition which makes you all the more enterprising. As far as situations are concerned, this card denotes travel, upcoming good news, changing jobs or even shifting residence.

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