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It is not that the principles of numerological calculations are applicable to human beings only. The numerology principles can also be used in order to interpret the characteristics of the animals, whatever species it may be. You can use these numerology principles, rather animal numerology principles to know the characteristics features of your pet Ė be it a cat or a hound.

Now that you are aware about pet numerology or petís numerology, you need to realize the importance as well as the significance of the name you have given your pet. Whether your pet will be obedient or adamant, calm and patient or energetic and impatient depends on the numerological association of its name. The characteristic features of your pet are influenced according to the numerological value of the letters in the name of the pets.

Getting pet numerology analysis before finalizing the name of your pet can give you an idea about which letters to use in the name of your pet. If you get pet numerology reading, or pet name numerology analysis, you can influence the characteristic of your kitten or puppy - mischievous or imposing, patient or restless, obedient or impudent.

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