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Astrology Numerology is the perfect mix of science and numbers. Each numberís vibration is combined with your date of birth to find the Fadic Number. The Fadic number along with the Combined Fadic Number, The Ruling Planet and the Numerological Zodiac Sign can give the personality overview of an individual.

An Astrology Numerology reading consists of the following numbers:

Fadic Number, Combined Number, Soul Number, Ruling Planet, Numerological Zodiac Sign

In astrology numerology it is believed that every person is associated with a Fadic Number which is a reflection of his personality. Along with the Fadic Number the combined Fadic Number too is said to have a direct effect on an individualís personality.

The Fadic Number is calculated by adding up the digits of a personís date of birth.
For Example: Date of Birth: 1/2/1980 = 1+2+1+9+8+0 = 21, 2+1 = 3

Combined Fadic Number = 21
Fadic Number = 3

Each Fadic Number is associated with a Ruling Planet and a Numerological Zodiac Sign.

The Ruling Planets include: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, North Node, South Node, Saturn and Mercury.

The Numerological Zodiac Signs include: Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aries.

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