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Numerology Marriage Vibration is a concept of numerology used to analyze the vibrations of a happy marriage. The name and date of birth represent a compound formula which expresses the Karmic trail and discloses the chosen intention.

Numerology says that number influences drastically for marriages as every number has its different vibrations. Wedding Numerology can furnish the clues to what the exceptional sense of your wedding day holds for you, your partner, and your future together.

Its said that marriages are divine and arranged in heaven, whether it be arranged or love marriages, in either of the cases the wedding date is set under different favorable circumstances and everything is made auspicious. These universal energies also affect the marriage ceremony, and the wedding day is as significant as the pronouncement to marry and the real wedding vows.

Marriage Vibration helps a couple analyze their marriage date. This can also be used by unmarried couples to decide the marriage date based on numerology. This simple calculation helps you understand a lot about your relationship.

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