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What is sade sati? Sade sati, often commonly referred to as shani sade sati or Saturn’s sade sati and also as shani transit or Saturn transit, is the relative position of shani or Saturn in respect to the moon or Rashi. According to the more generic idea about sade sati, when Saturn transits through the 12th, 1st or 2nd house, as revealed in the birth chart, the native is under the influence of sade sati. It is also said that sade sati continues for seven years and a half and then resumes again after seven years and a half.

If an individual is undergoing the sade sati phase he or she is most likely to find obstacles getting in the way to success and prosperity. All efforts, attempts and ventures end either in failure or ends unexpectedly in poor results. Delay in all of your ventures is also one of the effects of sade sati. There are several types of sade sati, depending on the position of Saturn and Moon. according to Vedic Astrology, the effects of sade sati depends on the types of sade sati.

A sade sati calculation or sade sati analysis on the basis of the positions of the moon and Saturn or Shani in your natal chart can let you know if your are going through sade sati or not. Enter the required details in the spaces provided here and get a free sade sati analysis for you.

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