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Those who have the knowledge about the problems that a manglik person suffers in his or her life must have the query, “Am I manglik”? Before we tell you how to know if you are a manglik or not, let us provide you with an overview of the kuja dosha, the influence of manglik dosha and also about the manglik dosha remedies or manglik cure.

If you want to know whether you are manglik or non manglik, you need to do a manglik dosha test or manglik test. Such manglik calculation will let you know if you are manglik or not. Even if it is found that you are a manglik, the 2016-2017 manglik test or the manglik calculation will also let you know the extent to which you are manglik.

In Vedic Astrology Manglik dosha, also often referred to as kuja dosha and mangal dosha do not have good effects on the person. He or she is most likely to have troubled relationships. You can try our Manglik Maching or Kundali Matching to to get a better understanding of your married life. Love relationships may end in disaster. Marriage may fail. Short term relationships also have the chance to bring misery and pain.

Of course, the manglik effects or the influence of kuja dosh on an individual is dependent on the astrology planetary positions as revealed through the birth chart or natal chart. At times people enjoy gain under the influence of manglik dosha. For instance, the manglik people with Venus positioned in its own house will experience problems in relationships but they are least likely to be affected by these problems because of the mentality they will have due to the strategic position of Planet Venus.

Now, it is found that the manglik effects are of different types, depending on the planetary patterns in the birth chart. The manglik cure or the manglik dosha remedies also vary according to the types of manglik dosha or mangal dosha.

If you want to do a mangal dosh test 2016 or manglik check, you can use the manglik calculator here. Please provide the details that are required.

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