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Combined longitudes of the Sun and the Moon are known as Nithya Yoga in Vedic astrology where there are 27 of them based on the 27 different constellations of the ecliptic. To calculate Nithya Yoga, the longitude of the Sun is added to the longitude of the Moon and then the result is divided by 13 degrees and 20 minutes. People, who were born in a particular Nithya yoga, have some qualities that are distinct than the people who were born in another Nithya Yoga. For example, those who were born under the first Nithya Yoga named Vishkamba are likely to have some predictive abilities and are more interested in all occult things. But those who were born under the second nithya yoga called Preethi have great public relations and are usually workaholics. No matter what the odds are, these people always rise in life.

Also known as Yoga Taras of Nakshatras, the Nithya Yogas helps you find out what the ruling yoga was at the time of your birth. According to the Vedic astrology, the yoga at the time of your birth indicates your personality, your skills, and your nature. The study of Nithya Yoga can reveal the true nature of you as a person. If you want to know about your true self then just put in your details and follow the simple instructions.

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