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Ayanamsa calculator is a tool that serves the purpose of doing ayanamsa calculation. You might now be interested to know what ayanamsa is. Ayanamsa is held with immense importance in Vedic astrology. Ayanamsa is the longitudinal difference between the sidereal zodiacs or Nirayana and the Tropical zodiacs or Sayana. So far as the type of difference is concerned, this is the angular difference between the tropical and the sidereal longitudes. There are three methods of ayanamsa calculation, namely, Lahiri Ayanamsa calculation, KP ayanamsa calculation and Raman ayanamsa calculation.

You might wonder why it is necessary to know the difference between the sidereal and tropical longitudes. Such differences bring out the exact information regarding the position of your birthplace and also the astrological planetary positions. Again, such accurate details about planetary positions are necessary for the generation of a perfect horoscope or natal chart.

The significance of ayanamsa is that if the exact birth place, the time of birth is provided, it helps in the generation of the most accurate horoscope or birth chart for you. Such a birth chart or natal chart with the exact ayanamsa calculation and the exact planetary patterns can tell you everything about your nature, personality traits and also the various possibilities in your life.

If you want to do a free ayanamsa calculation from an ayanamsa calculator, you have to enter the required details in the spaces provided here.

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