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Each human being has a perception of the world. With the change of the situations around him/her, the angle of perception also changes. What you think of a person today may not be same as you thought of him a few years back. At the same time you cannot predict how you would regard him after a couple of years. Likewise, other people around you, especially those who are directly associated with you, have opinions about what and how you are as an individual.

Any sensible human being is concerned about how he/she is perceived by others. In fact, your dealings with others should be based on your understanding of how they regard you and what they think of you. For instance, you are planning a business and you need a helping hand, you can only think of offering a proposal if you are confident that your friend or acquaintance thinks optimistically of you. If you have no idea about what they think of you, you would rather find an employee through advertisement.

If you want to know how you are perceived by people and what their opinion is about you, you need to get a graha arudha reading. Graha arudha means the arudha lagna or “mount” of different houses in natal chart, is a very important element in Vedic astrology. It determines the way people think of you based on the astrology house.

If you want to know the graha arudha of the different houses in your Vedic astrology birth chart, you need a graha arudha analysis based on your date, time and place of birth. As a result, you’ll be able to get an impression of your reputation in the family and community.

If you want to know your graha arudha interpretation, you can find it here. All you need to do is to enter the required details in the given spaces and go to the result page.

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