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The 24 rune stones have been divided into three stone groups or "Aett", each containing eight stones, for your study and to make the subject more simple and interesting. Please select your preferred Stone Group or Aett.
First Aett
The theme of the first Aett of runes is the unity of the initial forces of fire, chaos, ice and order to bring about the gift of the gods.
Second Aett
The theme of the second Aett of runes is development of consciousness from the basic level to the more matured, higher and the complex thought patterns.
Third Aett
The theme of the third Aett of runes is "transition". It projects the natural progression of mankind from his first days to the end of the world.
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Rune Learning tools are educational tools for learning the basics of runes reading. These programs are extremely simple and very useful for beginners who want to learn to read the runes.

Rune stones are 24 one-inch squares of light stones. On one side of each is inscribed in ink the form and name of an individual runic letter. Runes are similar to Tarot. The word ‘Rune’ has been derived from the old-root word meaning ‘hidden’ and ‘mysterious’. Dated back, Runes were used to carve inscriptions and designed to defeat the wiles of tomb-robbers. Runes were even credited with the ability, when used by one gifted with occult powers, of restoring the dead to life.

During the middle ages, the people of Northern Europe, the British Isles and the Scandinavians used certain alphabetic scripts which, these days are popularly known as Runes. There is no documented evidence as to when the Runes have been used as a form of magick and divination. But today Runes are used much like the Tarot cards for the purpose of fortune telling.

Rune learning tools can be used to memorize different meanings and keywords of the different stones as well as test the user’s knowledge. The user can choose specific categories for learning purposes. The level of difficulty at the time of taking a test can be set to different levels. The user can also choose the type of test that he wants to take which can be based on Description or Keywords. One needs to be guided in the right direction to be able to grasp this form of divination.

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