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The term ‘aromatherapy’ came about in the 20th century, but the foundations of using plant extracts dates back many thousands of years. Egyptians used oils to embalm the dead such as cedar wood, nutmeg, myrrh and cinnamon. Aromatherapy simply means treatment using scents. It is the use of extracted plant oils including essential oils to help with moods and personal well being. Our sense of smell is the strongest sense that we have in connection with our feelings and emotional state.

Aromatherapy can be used as a pain reliever, to reduce stress and tension, to help with fatigue and awaken the entire body. They can also be used for insomnia, depression, hyperactivity and can even work as things such as insect repellant. Citronella is probably the best essential oil for getting rid of flies and insects.

The reason that aromatherapy works so well is due to the fact the smell travels straight to our brain. The alpha waves in the back of our head are activated well by lavender; this makes the person feel tired. The beta waves in the front react to eucalyptus, lemon and jasmine; thus making us more awake and alert.

Essential oils can be mixed with water to make massage oil; this works in two ways, the first being the therapeutic side of the massage and the body absorbing it and the second being the inhalation of the oils. Essential oils can also be used in the bath, vaporized or diffused.

Learn Aromatherapy tools are simple learn-and-test yourself aromatherapy tools. These tools are simple and useful aids in the study of aromatherapy oils and essences. This can helps beginners learn and test their understanding of the subject.

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