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Learn Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) For Free! This learning tool helps you learn about the different aspects of Graphology and its meanings. Graphology is used to analyze an individual's personality from Handwriting. Understanding the significance of handwriting can give you a unique take on a persons nature and character. This tool is a great place to start knowing more about graphology, specially for beginners.

Just like fingerprints, each person has a unique handwriting. As such, your handwriting closely reflects your unique personality. Graphology is a pseudoscientific tool. The increase in awareness about Graphology test been on the rise for years. Today job interviews often include Handwriting Analysis for personality profiling, screening and to get the best candidates. It is amongst the leading personality tests available today.

This graphology learning program will help the user understand the significance and interpretation of the different features of your handwriting. The meanings of the features are displayed so that the user can associate the image with the particular meanings or significance.

Personality Quiz such as color test, Enneagram. EQ test are also popular.

Some of the different basic features in graphology that are usually discussed include: Margins, Slant, Size of the Writing, Line Spacing, Word Spacing, Letter Spacing, Beginning Stroke, Ending Stroke, T-Bar, I-Dot, The Lower Case ‘e’, The Lower Case ‘m’, The Lower Case ‘o’, Stems of Lower Case‘d’, The Lower Case ‘g’ and ‘y’, The Capital Letter ‘I’ and Signature. The user can choose specific categories for learning purposes. The level of difficulty at the time of taking a test can be set to different levels.

Learning Handwriting Analysis is fun. Learn Graphology today!

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