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If you think yourself to be health conscious, you must ensure to care for your body with conscientiousness. You follow a definite routine for workouts. Maintain a specific diet that helps to you keep your body conditioned. Performing yoga and meditations are also part of the practices for achieving the desired goal.

However, to do this you need to know your body type. A veteran physician or dietician who will prescribe your diet on the basis of the type of body that you have. Yoga has to be performed in keeping with the body type of the performer. The same is applied to the exercising. The type of exercises, the weight you should lift, the time to devote to particular types of exercises – all should be commensurate with your body type.

If you want to know ‘what is my body type’, do a body type test and get you body type analysis. Just do the needful as stated here. You will not only know your body type, but also the do’s and don’ts that should be followed

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