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As we all know the brain consists of two hemispheres, the right and the left. Both the right brain and the left brain, have a defined set of functions which they perform independent of each other. This defines the personality of the individual and tells us a lot about his/ her characteristics and ways of dealing with different issues in life. It is usually seen that each of us prefers one hemisphere over the other. However, some of us may use both the hemispheres equally.

The Right Brain is responsible for:

- Understanding of the whole picture
- Interest in creative arts, craft, music etc
- Better intuitive skills
- Better emotional responses
- Very imaginative
- Understand symbols better
- Can understand the -whole meaning- of what is being said
- Spatial perception
- Lives in a dream world
- Ready to take risks

The Left Brain is responsible for:

- Good verbal and expressive skills
- Better analytical and logical thinking
- Following rules and deadlines
- Routine management
- Good with details
- Better words and language skills
- Practical approach
- Can comprehend what is being said
- Pattern perception
- Lives in real world

Knowing which hemisphere of your brain is more active helps you understand yourself better and make use of your capabilities better.

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