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Bipolar Disorder or Maniac Depressive Illness is a brain disorder that affects a personís moods and ability to work. If not controlled, this illness can cause a lot of trauma not only to the person who is suffering but also to family and friends. Bipolar Disorder Assessment Tests aim to help you understand this problem and realize the symptoms before it is too late, so that corrective measures can be taken on time.

Bipolar disorder if treated on time can reduce the trauma caused to the patient. It usually surfaces in the adolescent years and may go untreated. It comes in the category of mood disorders. The patient has cyclic episodes of mania and depression. Such people are found to be very creative and very brilliant when they are in the high phase. In the mania phase the person may be outgoing, daring and unrealistic while in the depressive phase he may just sleep and be sad all the time.

People with this illness can lead healthy lives if treated effectively. Treatment will help reduce the frequency and the severity of the illness. This test can make you aware of the symptoms and help you understand if you or any of your friends or relatives are suffering from this illness.

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