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Runescope is an everyday divination method that can be used on a daily basis to get a clear insight into your inner self. As the Runes help in solving our day-to-day problems and issues, they have become more popular. Different runes are used for different kinds of readings. Like horoscopes, Runes too can provide you with an insight into the future.

Today's Rune Stone Drawn For You Is Isa

Alternative Name:- Icz, Iss, Is

Keywords : - Constraint, Massive Force, Gradual Integration, Delay

More About Your Rune Stone

This is the 'ice' rune. It means that there like ice there is no immediate possibility of change. It also signifies stagnation and boredom in life. You may seem to have lost all interest in life. But if you continue on, you will see better times. This increase you awareness of possible dangers and all other aspects which you had been taking for granted till now. This also increases you concentration thus helping you to achieve your goal.