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Angelscope determines your guardian angel for the day. This can be used on a daily basis and helps us know which angel is protecting us. Guardian Angels are also known as fairy godmother or guardian spirit or ministering angel.

Angel is an English word which has been derived from the Greek word angelos, which means messenger. Guardian Angels are the heavenly fairies or spirits who are assigned by the Lord to keep a watch over each of us during our lifetime. This doctrine of Guardian Angels is believed to be one of the most ancient traditions of the Catholic Church. The role of the guardian angel is to guide us through good thoughts, works and words, and also to prevent us from all kind of evils.

Angelscope is an interesting tool with a simple to use interface. The program is designed to predict your Angel for a particular day. Millions of people across the world today, use horoscopes or other divination tools for the purpose of predicting their future. Horoscope is looked upon as an excellent guide and valuable tool for forecasting the future trends and tendencies.

Today's Angel Drawn For You Is Asmodel

More About Your Angel

Asmodel - the angel of April is the 'spirit of rebirth.' Renewed vitality and energy are the keywords which best describe the angel of this month. This angel initiates the people to test their capabilities in staring off new ventures and make themselves adaptable in face of changing situations. It is because of the encouragement of angel Asmodel that you get the encouraging spirit to start new projects and enrich your life with new career opportunities and family lives. Patience, endurance, humbleness, practicality are also some of the characteristic traits which are provided by this angel.

The spirit of rebirth is what we relate the Angel of April with. With the approaching summer season, as the days starts getting longer and the scorching rays of the sun heats us up, this is the time of the year to start everything afresh. The Angel of April prepares us for the new and challenging situations of our lives. The April angel inspires us to accept all things in life easily and lightly.