Daily I Ching

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Daily I Ching or Hexagram predicts your fortune for a particular day. Like horoscopes, I Ching too can provide you with an insight into the future. You can use this on an everyday basis which can serve you as a guideline in solving your worries.

I Ching Hexagram For The Day is The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)

Changing Lines :- 5,1

Judgment Description

This oracle says that once you have experienced extreme fear in a life and death situation, after that you become very hardened in your soul, and are afraid of nothing. However great the danger may be, you remain calm and composed, drawing on your inner strength. This is what makes you a true leader and path breaker to success

Judgment Poem

Shock brings success.Shock comes(emoh, oh!Laughing words(emha, ha!The shock terrifies for a hundred miles,And he does not let fall the sacrificial spoon and chalice.

Image Description

The sound of thunder imbibes fear in the hearts of most men, since it signifies that a storm is approaching. However, you should in times of similar crisis in your life, remain calm and composed and have faith in God. Your personality and inner faith will ultimately lead you to taste success.

Image Poem

Thunder repeated: the image of Shock.Thus in fear and tremblingThe superior man sets his life in orderAnd examines himself.