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Daily I Ching or Hexagram predicts your fortune for a particular day. Like horoscopes, I Ching too can provide you with an insight into the future. You can use this on an everyday basis which can serve you as a guideline in solving your worries.

I Ching Hexagram For The Day is Decrease

Changing Lines :- 3,6,4,1

Judgment Description

You should always realize that if anything decreases in your life, it is not essentially a bad sign, since increase and decrease occur with the natural flow of life. At times of poverty and bad luck, you should replenish yourself purely through the power of your inner self. Your strong belief and inner faith should help you stand the test of time.

Judgment Poem

Decrease combined with sincerity Brings about supreme good fortune Without blame.One may be persevering in this.It furthers one to undertake something.How is this to be carried out?One may use two small bowls for the sacrifice.

Image Description

When the water of the lake at the foot of the mountain evaporates, the imagery of decrease is displayed. But at the same time, the mountain is enriched with the moisture from the evaporating lake's waters. Similarly, you should try to gather any good elements and friends during your times of crisis, and only this will help you tide over it.

Image Poem

At the foot of the mountain, the lake:The image of Decrease.Thus the superior man controls his anger And restrains his instincts.