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Daily I Ching or Hexagram predicts your fortune for a particular day. Like horoscopes, I Ching too can provide you with an insight into the future. You can use this on an everyday basis which can serve you as a guideline in solving your worries.

I Ching Hexagram For The Day is Preponderance of the Great

Changing Lines :- 4,3

Judgment Description

When greatness and success arrive too fast and too son, their combined weight often becomes too much to bear for the common man. At this time, it needs to be ensured that the transition takes place as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This again demands a dominant and efficient personality who properly affects this change.

Judgment Poem

Preponderance of the Great.The ridgepole sags to the breaking point.It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Image Description

The wind blowing over the lake symbolizes this oracle. In such situations, the wind may be so strong that the lake's water will rise above the danger level. However, one should remember that this is just a temporary phase, and proper stability will automatically be restored in the long run.

Image Poem

The lake rises above the trees:The image of Preponderance of the Great.Thus the superior man, when he stands alone,Is unconcerned,nd if he has to renounce the world,He is undaunted.

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