Daily I Ching

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Daily I Ching or Hexagram predicts your fortune for a particular day. Like horoscopes, I Ching too can provide you with an insight into the future. You can use this on an everyday basis which can serve you as a guideline in solving your worries.

I Ching Hexagram For The Day is The Wanderer

Changing Lines :- 2,5,4,1,3

Judgment Description

Sometimes some people can be like wanderers, moving about from place to place and having nowhere to call as their real home. If you happen to be one such person, there is really no harm in it. However, take care and see that you are cautious, so that others cannot harm you at any point of time or take advantage of your vulnerability.

Judgment Poem

The Wanderer. Success through smallness.Perseverance brings good fortuneTo the wanderer.

Image Description

When there is a fire that suddenly lights up on the top of a mountain, the dry grass on the latter's surface makes it spread quickly from place to place. Similarly, your personality and tastes can also wander from place to place, but you should take care of yourself, to prevent others from causing you harm.

Image Poem

Fire on the mountain:The image of the Wanderer.Thus the superior man Is clear-minded and cautious In imposing penalties,And protracts no lawsuits.