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The concept of Planet chakra is based on the association between planets and chakras. Though there are seven chakras in the human body, which influences the human mind and health in a very significant way, an individual has a dominant chakra that has special influence on the different aspects of his/her life. Now, mystic studies in the field of chakras astrology have also revealed that there is a similarity between the influence of the astrology planets and that of the chakras on man.

Let us now see how the astrology planets correspond to the chakra centers in the human body. The first chakra corresponds to Saturn while the second chakra is associated with Pluto. Sun and Mars correspond with the third chakra center in the body while Venus is associated with the 4th chakra. The fifth chakra center in a human body is associated with Planets Jupiter and Mercury. The 6th and 7th chakras correspond to Neptune and Uranus.

The planet and chakra association helps in better understanding of the physical and mental conditions of a native, while the different aspects of his/her life can also be interpreted. If you want to know the planet chakra that rules you, considering your birth details, you should get a planet chakra analysis. The planet chakra interpretation will give you an insight into your personality.

If you want to get a planet chakra reading and that too, absolutely free, you just need to enter the required detail in the given spaces and click in to the result page which will present before you your planet chakra profile.

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