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Root (Muladhara)
Sacral (Swadhisthanna)
Navel (Manipura)
Heart (Anahata)
Throat (Vishuddha)
Third Eye (Ajna)
Crown (Sahasrara)

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Chakra Analysis
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Navel Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra

Take A Free 2016 and 2017 Chakra Test Now! Chakras are the nerve centers along the spine, which balances our endocrine and central nervous system. There are Seven Chakras. These are the energy nodes that through the body and are liable for our state of mind, body and soul. In Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel” and it controls the flow of energy throughout the body.

Chakras radiate energy and vibrations. The vibrations of these energy levels are immense. Hence, it is essential to control, balance and regulate them. Chakras can be under-active or over-active also. It’s very much important that they are active in a balanced manner (the ideal state). Balancing of all of them is essential for both physical and mental wellbeing of an individual.

The word chakra in Sanskrit can be translated into the word wheel or vortex. Each of the chakra oscillates at a different speed and in different directions. Each of these react to different sounds, lights, colors, feelings and parts of the body.

All of your senses and perceptions can be split into seven categories; each relating to one chakra and each part of our body can be split into seven different main endocrine gland systems and nerve sections.

Knowing the state of your Chakras helps become aware of the subtle nuances of your body, mind and soul. Each chakra has its own importance in our lives, A balance has good impact on your well being.

The energy centers function as containers and pumps, putting a regular flow of energy around our system. Yet, even these need maintenance. Often chakras are over-active or under-active and in general not balanced, causing harm to both physical and mental health.

The Seven Chakras are:
- Root / Muladhara (root) which denotes patience and greediness
- Sacral / Svadhisthana (sweetness) which denotes purity and attachments
- Navel / Manipura (lustrous gem) which denotes irritation
- Heart / Anahata (unstruck; the fresh, clean sound made without striking two things) which denotes impatience
- Throat / Visuddha (purification) which denotes ego
- Third eye / Ajna (perceive, to know) which denotes transcending senses, experiencing God-In-Self or Atman
- Crown / Sahasrara (thousand-fold) which denotes non-duality, lives in an extended state of consciousness and attainment of illumination.

There are many Chakra cleansing methods. The most common practice for Chakra healing is visualization and mediation from the Crown chakra to the Root Chakra.

The 2016-2017 Accurate Chakra Analysis Online.

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