Which Chakra Influences You Most As Per Your Date Of Birth

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Find Your Influential Chakras 2016-2017

Date of Birth

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Chakra Astrology gives you the relation between the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. Based on your date of the birth this form of astrology calculates the chakra that influences you the most.

The 7 Chakras are:

Muladhara or Root / Base,
Svadhisthana or Sacral,
Manipura or Solar Plexus
Anahata (unstruck) or Heart,
Vishudda or Throat,
Ajna or Third eye
Sahasrara or Crown

The star sign indicates the position of the sun in the particular sign at the time of birth. The sun represents your character and nature. The sign represents the way you deal with situations in life.

Chakras Astrology acts as a guideline by making one realize which chakras most affected depending on their sun sign.

Accurate 2016-2017 Astrology And Chakra Analysis!

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