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In astrology, the chakra system is deeply connected with the zodiac signs and the chakras or aspects of an individual’s life. All the chakras are ruled by different planets and signs. The human body, according to the Vedas¬, gets energy from a central source that runs through the body; the spine is known to be the powerhouse of the human body. The purpose of the natal chakra is to enlighten you about how the seven chakras influence your body.

On the energy channel of your body, there are six chakras projected. They lie on different levels. The seventh chakra, also known as the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara is not on the natal chakra because it is situated on the head, the core of the mind. It is considered to be more powerful than the other chakras because it broadens your perception by opening a whole new world of insights before you – giving you a third eye. It is believed that this chakra completes the energy cycle – leading your mind to cosmic consciousness.

The planets which are on the projection area influence the same in accordance with their nature and another aspect, the nodal axis’ side where they are positioned. Studying your Natal Chakra system can reveal a lot about your body and mind. You can also learn many things about the planets’ influence on you. The Natal Chakra system based on Western Astrology is so interesting that you can’t help but read progressively on it and relate yourself with it. So, if you want to find out the influence of the Chakras, just enter your details and follow the simple instructions.

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