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Considering a rather sun-based galactic system than the earth based ones, galactic astrology talks about a different wing of astrology that relates the Milky Way band to the zodiac to create birth charts and make predictions. The galactic circle thatís created with this method is then divided into 12 sections. Then, the zodiac positions are turned into galactic positions with the help of conversion tables.

In a galactic chart, the Sun is at the centre and the Earth is in the opposite. Just like there in the zodiac, in the 12 sections. Each house in the galactic chart, represent a certain human behavior. The interpretation, however, goes back to Arab astrology.

Galactic astrology is quite a unique branch of astrology that has been around for about a decade and a half. Since, the entire method of calculation in galactic charts is completely different from natal charts or divisional charts, it provides a view from a totally different angle. It presents predictions in a different manner. So, if you want to explore your galactic chart, look into our galactic astrology section. You can enter by just putting in your name and the required information in the box here. You will know and see what luck has in store for you from an angle thatís poles apart.

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