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Though there are a few dominantly popular systems or astrology calculations, the number of other significant, but not so popular, astrology systems is not to be ignored. Some of them are exceptionally unique in their basis and methods of calculation. Atlantis Astrology is one of such astrology systems that are characterized by a calculation system that is absolutely unique and different from those of the other astrology systems. The extraordinariness of Atlantis astrology is that it deals with 15 zodiac signs while most of the others deal with 12 zodiacal signs or sun signs.

Atlantis astrology is among the oldest astrology systems that have ever been found. Atlanta was mentioned for the first time by Plato circa 355 BC. However, this island is no more traced. Days have passed, and more this island has been talked about. More than 7000 authors have referred to the Atlantis Island and discussed several aspects related to it. The written documents, as found so far talk about the spiritual wisdom of the inhabitants. It is believed that the Atlantis people had exceptionally advanced technology and used to communicate among themselves through telepathy.

An Atlantis astrology reading will let you know your Atlantis sign or Atlantis astrology sign. And, if you know your Atlantis sign, you can also know the astrological interpretation for your sign. In that case you will come to know the different aspects of your life, career, personality and basic traits and tendencies.

The Atlantis sign is calculated on the basis of the date, time and place of birth of the native. Though Atlantis astrology deals with almost all aspects of life, it mainly deals with the level of spirituality you have in you. If you get an Atlantis astrology reading you will know how spiritual you are at heart.

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