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If you have the habit of noticing individuals and finding out their sun signs or zodiac signs, you must have noticed that in many cases a person may appear to be of a zodiacal sign while in reality he or she turns out to be something else, if you manage to know it. It is not that that person is lying to hide her or her zodiac sign. Again, you may also find in one person the characteristics of two zodiac signs, and you are pretty sure that the person is not feigning.

You may think such experiences to be weird or the result of your misjudgment. But, Cusp astrology is exactly what can explain your encounter. Those who show the characteristics of two sun signs or zodiac signs are generally born on a cusp. In that case it is very hard to find which sun sign the person belongs. The horoscope analysis or other astrological interpretations may also be driven in the wrong direction due to the person being born in a cusp.

The best way to get rid of this apparently confusing state is to get a cusp analysis or cusp interpretation. If you get for yourself a cusp reading or cusp astrology reading, you will know if at all you were born on a cusp. If it is found that you were born on a cusp, the cusp analysis or the cusp astrology reading will also tell you the two cusp zodiac signs or cusp astrology signs.

If you are looking for a free cusp astrology reading or free cusp analysis so that you can know if you were born on a cusp of two zodiac signs, you have to enter the details required for the analysis.

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